You know where's my shelter,
that in best and worst we have each other around.
That in disappointment words grow wiser
and in destruction hearts burn with anger.
We are what destroys us and keeps us both intact,
we're ying yang, night and day, black and white.
And we never were...

The perfect combination,
combining this world around us,
for what we lived,
for what we restrained to the depths of our heart,
where not even the soul can touch.
But you're vicously so good,
when your heat warms me truly,
how respect is delicately built,
 moments written in italic.
How much, what I never had, I'm afraid to want.
For the greatness.
And never dared to ask for more than was given...

Everything that I never wondered
seizes the inches of my most secret thoughts.
And I feel this magic happening simultaneously in us,
something we don't understand,
we keep intense.
And seizing us, she stays,
culminating in overdose
or in fairytale.
(what we could, perhaps)

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