(4 a.m. June 27th on the riverside)
All my thoughts

I could never wish more than this, more than I ever knew and expected. Is like imagining the sunset on a rainy day, to see the thousand colors of the full moon, to lie down on top of the mountain, with a thousand stars above, and just feel this love. The warm touch, the huge memories and words that were vowed, the pictures that will come and be true, the feelings that promise to be eternal, and you.  
I look around and just admire the silence, while the landscape marks my thoughts. Never thought that love was so fair. Never realized it was supposed to be like this.
I see that we fulfill the moments, not the other way around. We built this happiness together, it doesn't comes from the world around. We complete the music, she's only our soundtrack.
And through the beauty of the words I utter sincerity of this love for you, so rich and pure.
A kiss and all this words are said, 'cause honestly, I truly love you.

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